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Explore the many ways to celebrate and honor the life of your loved one.

There are two important decisions to make in this process. First, we will discuss with you your wishes are for your loved one's physical remains, then, we'll ask you to consider how you wish to honor and celebrate their life.

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Burial or Cremation?

Burial or Cremation?

The first decision to make is choosing between burial and cremation. If your loved one has expressed their final wishes, this decision is fairly straightforward. However, for families where the wishes of the deceased family member has not been communicated, the decision can be hard. In this case, please know our caring staff can help you make the right decision for both you and your loved one.

Once the decision is made between burial or cremation, the finer details come into play, such as choosing the casket and and final resting place. At Bohlender Funeral Chapel, we can help you every step of the way to plan a beautiful celebration of life service for your loved one.

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What Type of Service?

What Type of Service?

A funeral or memorial service for those closest to the deceased to reflect on the beautiful meaning of their loved one’s life. You and your family are in control of the events that take place during a funeral service. Participation of the family in planning a celebration of life service is the key to creating a meaningful experience for those who attend. At Bohlender Funeral Chapel, you have many choices available to you to plan the perfect service for your loved one. Your choices include: the place of celebration, the date and time, music and prayer selection, and more. We’re here to help guide you in this planning process and to help you honor the life of your loved one.

What's Next?

Now that you are aware of the basic possibilities for your loved one's celebration of life service, try to get the whole family together to discuss everyone’s feelings and wishes for the service. It’s important to reflect as a whole on what is best for the whole family.

Still looking for celebration of life service inspiration? We are happy to help. Learn more about the services we offer or contact us today. We are available 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week at (970) 482-4244 or you may reach out to us by filling out this form.