How to Explain Death to a Child

Death is a part of life. As adults, we all know that, but children, especially young children, can have no concept of death. Bohlender Funeral Chapel is a Fort Collins funeral home offering many different services, including celebration of life and cremation services. Below, we'll go over how to explain death to a child. Contact us today!

Be Honest

There's nothing worse than telling a child someone who died has "gone to sleep." That may make them afraid to go to sleep! It's best to be honest about death, what it is, and how it may have happened to your loved one.

Use Simple, Direct Language

It's best to be direct when telling your child about a death in the family. And, when children ask questions, answer them directly; don't overcomplicate it with details that your child may not be able to process.

It's Okay to Express Feelings

Odds are, your children will see you crying or feel the overwhelming sadness in the family. Tell them that it's okay to be sad or even angry. Grief is a long process and usually looks different for everyone. Encourage them to talk about their feelings, too.

Tell Then What To Expect At the Funeral

It's important to prepare your children for the funeral home, especially for traditional funerals where the body will be on display. Talk about the casket, the cemetery, and the funeral service itself. Tell your kids many people will be there to help celebrate the life of the loved one.


Children are quite resilient, and they will process death in their own way. It's important you be their support when they need it. If your loved one has passed, our Fort Collins funeral home can help. We offer memorial services, cremation services, and celebration of life ceremonies. Call us today!