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4 Reasons to Have Your Loved One Cremated

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4 Reasons to Have Your Loved One Cremated

When you’re planning memorial services and post-mortem arrangements for a loved one, the options and choices may be overwhelming. At Bohlender Funeral Chapel, our team is here to help guide you through this difficult time with quality, compassionate services, and individualized attention. If you’re considering cremation in your end-of-life plans or for a loved one, here are four reasons our team recommends this option.

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The top reason many families choose cremation for their loved ones is cost. Memorial services and burial services can add up, creating a higher cost for families than they may prefer, and one of the top ways to lower the cost of memorial services is by choosing cremation. 

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When it comes to funeral and memorial service options, opting for cremation can be a simple choice to make. The cremation will take place after the memorial or funeral service, so once the ceremony is complete, you and your family can focus on one another instead of planning more services or coordinating a burial service as well. 

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More Personal

One of the most important reasons to choose cremation for a loved one is to personalize your memorial for them. Cremation opens up many options for honoring their memory, from using ashes in physical mementos like glass figures, jewelry, or a classic urn, to having the option to scatter ashes in a place that was meaningful to your loved one in life.

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It’s Better For The Environment

Another reason people choose cremation is that it is easier on the environment than a traditional burial. The cremation process produces minimal emissions, and instead of laying your loved one to rest in the Earth, you have the option to keep the ashes in an urn, scatter them, or use them to create a memento. 

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