A Look at Our Veterans Memorial Services

At Bohlender Funeral Home in Fort Collins, we take pride in honoring and commemorating the lives of our veterans through our specialized Veterans Memorial Services. Our commitment to providing dignified and respectful tributes extends to our comprehensive veteran services, ensuring that those who served our country receive the recognition and gratitude they deserve. Learn more about our veterans memorial services below, and contact us today.

Our Veterans Memorial Services

As part of our veterans memorial services, we offer assistance in filling out and completing applications for all veterans benefits, including securing a Presidential Memorial Certificate, veteran memorial marker or headstone, and Military Honors. We understand the importance of these honors in acknowledging the dedicated service of our veterans and strive to facilitate the process with care and expertise.

Our Coordination & Care

Our team communicates with national or state veterans cemeteries to ensure seamless coordination for veterans' final resting places. We manage the necessary documentation from family members to request honors, alleviating the burden during the mourning period and ensuring that every detail is attended to with respect and efficiency.

Our Support System

Moreover, we assist in coordinating and confirming any paid pre-plan funding benefits that may be covered by the Veterans Administration, providing peace of mind to veterans and their families. Our goal is to support our veterans and their loved ones in every aspect of their commemoration, from funeral services to cremation, with the utmost dedication and compassion.

Our Services

You will have access to all of our funeral services, including the professional services of the Funeral Director and support staff, our on-site cremation services, the use of our facilities for memorial services, and so much more.


At Bohlender Funeral Home, we are honored to guide our veterans and their families through the process of honoring their service and sacrifices. Our Veterans Memorial Services are designed to honor the legacy of our veterans with the utmost care and reverence. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist with veteran services and provide a meaningful tribute to those who have served our nation proudly.

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