4 Tips to Pick a Burial Urn

If your loved one is being cremated, you'll want to select a beautiful urn to hold their ashes. This can be a very difficult decision, especially for someone who is grieving. Here at Bohlender Funeral Chapel in Fort Collins, we offer cremation services at our crematory. Learn four tips on how to pick a burial urn for your loved one, and contact us for cremation services today!

Decide on Its Location

Many people decide to keep their loved one's ashes at home with them, while others decide to bury their loved one's ashes or scatter them. By deciding where your loved one will rest, you can help narrow down your selection. If it's in a prominent place, you may want to go for a marble or ceramic urn.

Think About Your Loved One

You may want to choose a cremation urn based on the personality of your loved one. What style of urn would they like, do you think? From religious to artistic and even whimsical, there truly is no limit to the style of urns available.

Decide on the Material

Urns come in all types of materials, each of which give the urn a unique aesthetic quality. Some of the more popular types of urn materials include ceramic, wood, glass, metal, granite, and even biodegradable urns. 

Choose the Size and Shape

Naturally, the size of the individual may dictate the size of your chosen cremation urn. That being said, you can choose a bigger size than needed if desired. The shape of urns is almost unlimited. From hearts to hands, boxes, and angels, you can choose from any shape you can imagine.


Bohlender Funeral Chapelis here to make this difficult time in your life a bit more bearable. Let us handle your loved one's cremation and celebration of life ceremony, so you can begin to grieve. Call us today!