4 Reasons to Have Your Loved One Cremated

When you’re dealing with the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to have them cremated if they haven’t made that specification in their will or otherwise. But, as hard as that decision can be to make, the benefits of having them cremated are extensive. Below, you can find just a few of the reasons that make it clear that cremation services are a beneficial route to consider for your loved one’s remains. Bohlender Funeral Chapelcan help you through funeral services during these troublesome times. Learn a little more about us and our services today.

Space Availability

There is a finite amount of availability in any cemetery. This can pose a problem, especially when your loved one or family wants their remains buried in a specific cemetery of their choosing. Cremation is not only a practical alternative, but can open up more possibilities and options for what to do with their remains when they are cremated. Their ashes can be scattered or stored in a far smaller space than a traditional coffin and burial plot require.

Cost Efficiency 

Spending the money required for a burial plot, headstone, and coffin when your loved one passes is not an easy feat, especially when you are grieving and facing the other financial burdens involved in funeral services. Cremation costs far less than the cost of a traditional burial service and can help to ease the already immense stress of losing someone that you care about. 


When you bury someone that you have lost, you are ensuring that they remain in the earth and in a place that they want to be forever. When you have your friend or family member cremated, you have the ability to be flexible with how you treat their remains. Some people use this opportunity to keep their valued individual with them in their home via an urn or scatter their ashes in important areas over the course of time. 

A Personal Decision for Preservation

Many people find valid reasons for concern with what will happen to their body after they pass. Some people worry about the existential fact that their body will be buried in a coffin, underground, for eternity. Others worry about their bodies potentially being used in scientific studies that they have no personal impact in. Cremation is a final act of assured preservation that can help put your loved one’s mind at ease when it comes to what will happen with their remains. 

Deciding on cremation services for your loved one isn’t an easy choice. But, when you make that crucial decision, it’s important to work with a reliable Northern Colorado funeral service that will treat the process with care, precision, and delicacy like we have shown to our clients since 1960.

Get in contact with us today and let Bohlender Funeral Chapelhelp guide you through what can frequently be one of the most difficult periods in you and your families’ lives.