4 Ideas For Cremation Funeral Service Ashes

4 Ideas For Cremation Funeral Service Ashes

More and more people are moving away from traditional burial services and opting for cremation services instead. Oftentimes though, people are busy planning all of the other funeral arrangements and aspects and forget to think about what they want to be done with their own ashes or the ashes of their family member — which is completely understandable. If you find yourself in a situation where things have started to go back to normal and you are now trying to figure out the best option for ashes moving forward, here are some helpful tips from us at our Fort Collins funeral home, Bohlender Funeral Chapel.

Spread them somewhere they loved

The most popular option people tend to choose when deciding what to do with cremation funeral ashes is to scatter them in a place that was important to the person. This is a great option because their final resting place gets to be the place they loved most in the world. If your loved one really enjoyed a certain spot near a river, a great park, or somewhere else near and dear, you can’t go wrong leaving them someplace they would want to be a part of forever.

Sometimes, spreading ashes certain places can be tricky. If you had a private establishment or somewhere that’s not public space in mind, then get permission and work with the right authorities to achieve the best outcome.

Dedicate a small area of your home

Many people also choose to keep their loved one a little closer to home. When choosing this cremation funeral ash option, we recommend buying a tasteful urn that embodies the spirit of the person. A nice decorative urn doesn’t take up much space in the home and is easy to place next to commemorative photos. Additionally, urns are transported easily, so whether you move one block or across the country, your loved one will always be close by.

Living urns/tree urns

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and symbolic things you can do with your loved one's ashes is to use a living urn. There are a few companies that exist that offer a living urn type cremation service. Essentially, this method mixes your loved one’s ashes with nutrients to grow a plant or tree. There is something alluring about having someone’s end be the beautiful beginning of new life in the form of a tree.

Cremation funeral ash jewelry

One newer and more creative alternative to a traditional burial is to have your loved one crafted into a piece of jewelry. There are a number of companies and services available that will incorporate your loved one's remains into a beautiful ring, necklace, or any other piece of jewelry of your choosing. This way you can create something beautiful that you can use to always keep your dearly departed close by.

Bohlender Funeral Chapel in Fort Collins knows that this can be a difficult situation to handle and is happy to help in any way we can whether it be through grief resources, cremation funeral services, or memorial services. Contact us today with questions or to learn more about our services.