Honoring Life

There are many ways to honor the achievements of your loved one and celebrate the life they lived. You knew your loved one better than anyone else. We've got years of experience. At Bohlender Funeral Chapel we are pleased to offer you creative and personal Tribute Videos, Personalized Printing, and Memorial Websites to meaningfully acknowledge the memory of your loved one. If you'd like to discuss options, or if you have questions, please call us at (970) 482-4244 or send us an email inquiry.

Tribute Videos

Bohlender Funeral Chapel will blend your family photographs with calming images and music to create a remembrance video. It can be an integral part of any funeral or memorial service. We are happy to provide you with one complimentary copy of the video. We can make copies for family and friends to purchase.

Personalized Printing

Our Life Tributes memorial bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards, and folders can all include a favorite photo, poem or prose tribute to your loved one. With the variety available to us through Life Tributes, we can add a uniquely caring element to your service, so guests can leave with a treasured keepsake.

Memorial Websites

Our memorial sites offer a way to honor a life, record the life you shared, and connect with family and friends.